Discount Calculator

With Checkall's discount calculator you can calculate the discount amount and the final price of your purchases online.

Discount Calculator

What is a discount?

A discount is a reduction in the value of the price. Its other name is reduction.

How is the discount calculated?

Subtract 100 from the discount rate and divide the result by 100. If the result is multiplied by the normal price, you get the discounted price. For example, if you want a 10% discount on the price of a product with a normal price of 500 CHF, the discount amount is calculated as follows: 500 x 10 / 100 = 50 CHF. If you want to calculate the discounted price directly, the new discounted price is calculated as 500 x (100 - 10) / 100 = 450 CHF.

How is the discount rate calculated?

The reduced price is divided by the regular price and multiplied by 100. The result is then subtracted from 100 to determine the discount rate. For example, the discount for a product with a normal price of CHF 500 and a reduced price of CHF 450 is calculated as follows: 100 - (450 x 100 / 500) = 100 - 90 = 10 (i.e. 10 %).

How do you calculate the normal price from the reduced price?

The reduced price is multiplied by 100 and the result is divided by the result obtained by subtracting the discount rate from 100. For example, the normal selling price of a product with a 10% discount of CHF 450 is calculated as follows: 450 x 100 / (100 - 10) = 45000 / 90 = CHF 500.

Any reduction in the value of a product, good or service is called a discount. Another name for discount is rebate. In some periods, the industry or companies grant special discounts, e.g. at the end of the season, during special promotions or in the event of liquidation. There are several formulas for calculating these discounts.

An example: The normal price of a product is CHF 100, the discount rate is 30%.

100x%30=30 CHF, this price is the discount.

100-30 = 70 CHF is the reduced price of the product.

To determine the discounted price quickly and easily, you can calculate the result using the formula "List price x (100-ratio)/100".

The regular price of the product is CHF 120 and the discount rate is 40 %.

120 x (100-40/100 = 120x60/100 = 120x60/100 = 7200/100 = 72 Lira is the reduced price.

Another method is to convert the discount rate into a decimal number. 40% = 0.4 1-04 = 0.6 Multiply the calculated rate by the standard price.

You get 120x0.6=72 CHF reduced price.

Fill in the fields in the discount calculator correctly. After you have clicked on the "Calculate" button, the discount calculator will provide you with the results for the "Normal price", the "Discount amount", the "Discounted price" and the "Discount rate (%)" in the most accurate way.

Are there discounts with health insurance companies?

Yes, there are indeed discounts with health insurance companies, especially in connection with supplementary insurance. These discounts can relate to various aspects, such as non-smoking discounts, discounts for participation in prevention programmes or fitness activities, and tariffs with deductibles or optional deductibles. The exact discount options and conditions may vary depending on the insurance company and country. Customers are advised to compare health insurance companies to find the discounts.