TCS membership: costs and benefits

With TCS membership, you are always safe on the road: by car, motorcycle, bike, train or as a pedestrian. All services and benefits at a glance.

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TCS membership

TCS Membership Benefits

The benefits of TCS membership are as listed below:

Round-the-clock roadside assistance

For all vehicles that you personally drive (car, motorbike, scooter, bicycle, e-bike, moped). In 8 out of 10 cases, the vehicle can be repaired on site. Otherwise, we organise your comfortable onward journey.

Preferential rates and exclusive access to TCS products

TCS ETI travel insurance, TCS legal protection, TCS car insurance, TCS Member Mastercard®, TCS bike insurance, TCS camping, courses and driving training, vehicle tests, etc.

Advantage programme

You benefit from numerous discounts in the area of mobility and leisure with our partners in Switzerland and abroad.

Mobility protection in Switzerland

TCS mobility protection helps you if it is no longer possible to continue your journey by public transport or with your own car on the same day. With TCS you will reach your destination.

Initial information on legal issues with lex4you

TCS provides you with free legal information on everyday legal issues. Our lex4you lawyers will help you to assess your situation correctly and decide how to proceed. By the way - if it does come to a legal dispute, you are on the safe side with legal expenses insurance from TCS.

Accident and comprehensive legal protection

Assumption of lawyer, procedural and expert costs up to CHF 250,000 in the event of a dispute;
- as a result of a traffic accident as a pedestrian, cyclist or public transport user;
- with your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance in respect of property damage.

Information and advice

Free expert advice in the form of guides, tests and tips on your personal mobility needs, for example also in the field of e-mobility. Live traffic info, valuable information on over 200 destinations, touring magazine.

Why should I become a TCS member?

As a TCS member, you benefit not only from first-class roadside assistance but also from many advantages and services - and at the same time support the TCS's great commitment to road safety education and accident prevention.

Become a TCS member in two steps

You can become a TCS member in two steps with Checkall:

  1. Your choice: Select the appropriate membership.
  2. Submit your application online: Enter your personal and contact details.

Frequently asked questions about TCS membership

Frequently asked questions about TCS membership are listed as below:

No, the cover only applies to driving the vehicle in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The following vehicle classes are covered up to a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 t and a maximum height of 3.2 m. With the condition that they are provided with valid registration plates.