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Cleaning quote

What is a cleaning quote?

A cleaning quote is an estimate from a cleaning company detailing the estimated cost of cleaning a location. A cleaning quote is based on the information provided and the customer's specific requirements.

What information is required to obtain a cleaning quote?

The following information is required to obtain a precise quotation:

  • Date of cleaning
  • Address of the cleaning location
  • Size of the premises (in square metres or number of rooms)
  • Special cleaning requirements such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning or disinfection
  • Request for additional services such as basic cleaning, exterior cleaning or special stain treatment

How does the cleaning company calculate the cost of cleaning?

The cleaning company usually calculates the cost of cleaning based on the size and type of surfaces to be cleaned, the required cleaning intensity, the personnel required and additional services such as special treatments or disinfection.

How do the cleaning quotes from different cleaning companies differ?

Cleaning quotes can vary in price, scope and quality of the services offered. Some cleaning companies offer all-inclusive prices, others charge according to time and effort. Additional services such as special treatments or ecological cleaning agents can also lead to price differences.

Can the cleaning quote be adjusted after an inspection?

Yes, the cleaning quote is often customised after a personal inspection of the premises and a detailed assessment of the cleaning requirements. The inspection enables a more accurate cost estimate and minimises the risk of unexpected costs.

How far in advance do I need to request a cleaning quote?

It is advisable to obtain a quote at least 1 to 2 months before the planned cleaning date, especially during peak cleaning times such as before public holidays or events, as cleaning companies are quickly fully booked at these times.