Family legal protection: Costs & comparison

Family legal protection ensures that you and your family are protected from high financial costs if litigation arises and you need a lawyer or court.

Family legal protection

What is family legal protection?

Family legal protection is a form of legal protection that applies in the area of family law. Family legal protection protects you and your family from high financial costs in the event of legal disputes if you need a lawyer or have to go to court.

Why do I need family legal protection in Switzerland?

Family legal protection in Switzerland is an important factor in covering the costs of legal disputes related to family matters. This matter can suddenly become expensive and without the family legal protection you will be a big financial burden. Therefore, family legal protection can help enable you to fully concentrate on settling the dispute instead of worrying about the high costs.

Family legal protection benefits

The benefits of family legal protection are as listed below:


Benefits in the following legal cases:

  • Criminal law
  • Tenancy law
  • Labour law
  • Patient law
  • Insurance law
  • Law of succession
  • Family law (matrimonial law)
  • Neighbouring rights
  • Property law and law of property
  • School law


Services in the following legal cases:

  • Tort law
  • Traffic criminal law
  • Vehicle contract law
  • Insurance law
  • Contract law

Sum insured

Depending on which family legal protection you are with and the area of jurisdiction of your dispute, the sum insured in Switzerland is between CHF 5,000 and CHF 1,000,000. Abroad, family legal protection covers up to CHF 500,000.

From when does family legal protection apply: Waiting period (waiting time)

The waiting period varies depending on the area and can last from one month to six or twelve months. Once this waiting period has expired, you may claim this benefit. However, there are family legal protection insurances without a waiting period. (See benefits in the comparison)

Free choice of lawyer

Family legal protection insurances provide you with an in-house lawyer. In case of any legal questions or disputes, the family legal protection insurance and their lawyers are at your disposal. Some family legal protection insurances even allow you to choose your own lawyer. In this case, you may decide for yourself which lawyer you would like to be represented by.

How to find the right family legal protection insurance for you - our comparison.

Before you decide on family legal protection insurance, it is best to compare premiums and benefits at Checkall. Thanks to the premium calculator, you can easily compare family legal protection insurance in Switzerland. Family legal protection insurance companies often offer discounts if you take out both private and traffic legal protection.

The best family legal protection insurances in Switzerland

The best family legal expenses insurances in Switzerland provide excellent protection against financial risks. These family legal protection insurances offer excellent benefits and conditions that enable customers to protect themselves comprehensively:

Frequently asked questions about family legal expenses insurance

Frequently asked questions about family legal expenses insurance are listed as below:

All persons living with you in the same household are covered by the policy.