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Compare favourable Swiss loans online and find the cheapest loan. Get loan offers from 3.5% interest.

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Monthly loan installment already for 4.9%. CHF 507.00
Monthly credit installment up to max. 9.9% (depending on creditworthiness) CHF 513.90

The total interest cost is between CHF 507.00 (4.9 % effective) and CHF 513.90 (9.9 % effective), depending on creditworthiness. Lending is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).


Do you own your own home?

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loan comparison

What is a loan comparison?

A loan comparison is the process of comparing different loan offers in order to find the best and most favourable loan. The loan comparison takes into account factors such as interest rates, terms, monthly instalments and additional fees. By comparing loans, borrowers can compare the conditions of different providers and select the most favourable offer for them.

How do I find the most favourable loan?

In order to find the most favourable loan, the following steps should be observed:

  1. Determine credit requirements: Determine the exact amount you need and the desired term.
  2. Use online loan comparison: Use online platforms to compare different loan offers.
  3. Check offers: Pay attention to the annual percentage rate of charge (APR), as this includes all the costs of the loan.
  4. Read the loan conditions: Check the conditions such as special repayments, early repayment penalties and flexible repayment options.
  5. Improve your credit rating: A good credit rating can lead to better conditions. Make sure your credit rating is in order.
  6. Request offers: Request non-binding loan offers and compare them carefully.

How does the loan comparison work?

The loan comparison usually works in the following steps:

  1. Enter information: Enter the required information such as loan amount, term and intended use in the loan calculator.
  2. Get offers: The loan comparison shows you a list of loan offers from various providers, sorted by interest rates and conditions.
  3. Compare offers: Compare the offers displayed with regard to interest rate, monthly instalment, total costs and other conditions.
  4. Select loan: Choose the most favourable and suitable offer for you.
  5. Apply: Submit an application to the selected lender and submit the required documents.
  6. Get a loan: After checking your documents and creditworthiness, the loan is approved and paid out.

Advantages of the loan comparison

A loan comparison offers the following advantages:

  1. Cost savings: By comparing, you can find the loan with the lowest interest rates and best conditions, which can lead to significant savings.
  2. Transparency: You get a clear overview of the various offers and their conditions, which avoids hidden costs.
  3. Time saving: Instead of visiting each bank individually, you can conveniently view and compare all the information online.
  4. Better basis for decision-making: With comprehensive information, you can make an informed decision and choose the loan that best suits your needs.
  5. Independence: You are not tied to the offers of a single bank and can choose from a variety of lenders.

Which loans can you compare?

In the loan comparison you can compare personal loans, small loans, consumer loans and car loans. Here are some of the most common loans that you can compare:

  1. Private loans: In the loan comparison, you can compare the interest rates, terms and monthly instalments of private loans.

  2. Small loans: You can compare the conditions and fees of small loans in the loan comparison to bridge short-term financial bottlenecks cost-effectively.

  3. Consumer loans: You can compare the interest rates and repayment terms of consumer loans in the loan comparison to find the most favourable offer for your purchases.

  4. Car loans: When comparing loans, you can check the interest rates, terms and the possibility of special repayments on car loans to find the best car loan for your vehicle purchase.

Which groups of people can compare loans in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, groups of people such as employees, the self-employed and pensioners can compare loans. Here are the individual groups in detail that can compare the loans:


Employees can compare credit offers to find the best conditions for personal loans, car loans or renovation loans. They should state their length of employment and income in order to receive suitable offers. Stability in the job and a regular income often improve the credit conditions.


Self-employed people often have special requirements for loans. Self-employed people can compare offers that are tailored to their income and professional situation. Flexible repayment options and customised interest rates are particularly important when comparing loans, as their income can vary.


Pensioners can compare loan offers to finance renovation work or cover unexpected expenses, for example. For pensioners, it is important that the loan offers are tailored to their financial situation and pension provision, as they usually have a fixed pension income.

Which banks are in the loan comparison?

The following banks are in the loan comparison:

  • Cashgate: 7.95% - 11.95% effective annual interest rate. 
  • Cembra Money Bank AG: 7.95% - 11.95% effective annual interest rate.
  • Cashare: 4.4% - 9.9% effective annual interest rate.
  • Lend: 4.5% - 9.8% effective annual interest rate.
  • Migros Bank AG: 4.9% - 7.9% effective annual interest rate.
  • BANK-now AG: 5.9% - 11.9% effective annual interest rate.
  • Bob Finance AG: 5.9% - 10.9% effective annual interest rate.
  • ècash (Cornèr Bank): 6.9% - 11.9% effective annual interest rate.

Lenders in Switzerland

With our loan comparison you can find out about the ratings of lenders in Switzerland.