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Personal liability insurance provides financial protection against damage and injury to other people or their property. Calculate premiums now and compare personal liability insurance.

Personal liability insurance

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Personal liability insurance: briefly explained

In the event of damage caused by a third party, you can put the person in financial distress. However, you can easily prevent this by taking out personal liability insurance. Personal liability insurance is one of the most important non-mandatory insurances that a private person should definitely take out. It provides you with financial support from the insurance company. If you cause damage to other people or property, the insurance will cover the costs. personal liability insurance is especially recommended for parents with small children or for dog owners. In this case, it doesn't matter who caused the damage, as everyone living in the same household can be covered.

Take out personal liability insurance

In 3 steps you can compare personal liability insurances and take out a policy online.

  1. Information on insured persons: Enter basic data relevant to the offer.
  2. Compare results: Compare personal liability insurance premiums and benefits and select the right personal liability insurance for you.
  3. Submit application online: Enter personal and contact data.

Personal liability insurance benefits

Personal liability insurance covers three main types of damage:

  • If you accidentally cause physical injury to someone,
  • if you accidentally damage property,
  • or if these damages cause the person involved to suffer financial loss.

You can choose a guaranteed sum and deductible with personal liability insurance. As an additional benefit, you can include third-party driver insurance (driving other people's vehicles) with your personal liability insurance.

The benefits of personal liability insurance are as set out below:

Guaranteed sum

The guaranteed sum is the maximum sum that is paid out in the event of a claim. The guaranteed sum can be selected. Depending on the insurance company, the guaranteed sum is between 3 and 10 million Swiss francs. Usually, however, the guaranteed sum is 5 million Swiss francs.


The deductible is the amount that you have to pay personally before your personal liability insurance will cover you financially. If the damage is higher than your selected deductible, the insurance company will pay the excess amount for you. The lower the deductible, the higher the premium.

Driving someone else's vehicle

If you drive someone else's vehicle and cause damage, you are well covered with this benefit, as the insurance will pay the costs.

The best personal liability insurances in comparison

The best personal liability insurances in Switzerland are listed below:

FaQ: Frequently asked questions about personal liability insurance

Frequently asked questions about personal liability insurance are listed below:

All persons who live permanently in the same household as the policyholder are also insured under the personal liability insurance.

personal liability insurance is a voluntary insurance. There are exceptions for dog owners. For dog owners, personal liability insurance is compulsory in most cantons.

You can determine your desired insurance start date for the personal liability insurance yourself. The insurance start date is also shown on your policy. However, it is important that you have already paid the initial premium.