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The Swiss Price Comparison Website Checkall is the ideal digital platform for everyone who wants to compare prices independently and conveniently. The search, comparison and conclusion are simple, digital and uncomplicated. From insurances and loans to the car and real estate market, you can compare prices compactly on one page at Checkall.

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Services of Checkall

With Checkall you can compare prices of health insurance, car insurance, household insurance, personal liability insurance and legal expenses insurance online. The whole process is independent and neutral. If you decide on an insurance policy, you can fill out the application online and conclude it immediately. We transmit the conclusion directly to the insurance companies.

Get to the point with Checkall

No more annoying searches on different websites, no more annoying phone calls, obtaining various offers and long waiting times. You will only find comparison options on one single page.

Amazing service

Easy handling is very important to us. For this reason, you can start a comparison in just a few safe steps and proceed step by step to the conclusion of a contract. Our competent team is available to answer all your questions.

Perfect insurance

All-round care: Check All offers you a unique system on which you can conclude a contract online. You will receive the insurance policy within a short time by e-mail or, if you wish, by post.

Compare insurances

Find the perfect insurance for your needs with our Price Comparison Website. Our specialised insurance comparison covers health insurance, car insurance, household contents insurance, personal liability insurance and legal protection insurance to provide you with a tailor-made solution. Save time and money by comparing reliable and cost-effective quotes with CheckAll. We are focused on guaranteeing you not only the best prices, but also the best protection. 

Compare health insurances

At the Checkall price comparison website, we understand how important it is to have reliable health insurance. The Checkall price comparison website offers a health insurance comparison to find the most favourable health insurance in Switzerland. We take into account factors such as cover, deductibles and premium costs when comparing health insurance to ensure you get the best cover for your needs. From basic insurance to comprehensive supplementary insurance, Checkall makes it easy to find the ideal health insurance.

Compare car insurances

In our Price Comparison Website, you can easily compare car insurance. Our Price Comparison Website compares a wide range of car insurance policies to present you with quotes that offer both comprehensive cover and competitive prices. Whether you need third party, partial or fully comprehensive insurance, our car insurance comparison will help you make the right choice for your vehicle and driving habits quickly and efficiently.

Compare household contents insurance

Protect your home and your valuables with the right household insurance with our Price Comparison Website. We help you to find the household insurance that offers optimum protection against risks such as fire, theft and water damage. Checkall helps to compare compare the household insurance.

Compare personal liability insurance

In our Price Comparison Website, you can compare personal liability insurance and find personal liability insurance that offers comprehensive cover for damage that you accidentally cause to third parties. Personal liability insurance is an essential part of your personal protection. Our Price Comparison Website ensures that you choose a cost-effective but powerful option that covers your specific requirements.

Compare legal protection insurance

With our Price Comparison Website, you can compare legal protection insurance and find the best legal expenses insurance to help you in the event of legal disputes. Whether for private individuals, vehicle drivers, property owners or tenants, our selection of legal protection insurance policies ensures that you are not on your own in the event of a legal dispute.


You can also take advantage of various financial services in the Finance section of our Price Comparison Website. Financial services include the possibility of applying for loans and obtaining mortgages for the purchase of property. Checkall offers its customers sound advice and support in all financial matters.


In the credit area, the Checkall Price Comparison Website also offers various credit options to help customers finance their needs. Whether it's a personal loan, a car loan or other financing requirements, we work closely with our customers to provide them with the best possible credit solutions.


Our Price Comparison Website offers mortgages for buying a property that are tailored to your specific financial needs. Our experienced financial experts are ready to help you choose the mortgage and design a customised financing plan.

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