Household insurance: Calculate and compare premiums

Household contents insurance protects your beloved possessions in your home. In the event of dangers such as fire, water, mains water, storm, hail and other natural and natural hazards, you will be financially supported by the household insurance.

Burglary, robbery and vandalism are also covered by household contents insurance. You also have the option of insuring glass damage, building and furniture glass. A great advantage of this is that some insurance companies waive the imputation of gross negligence. For you, this means that damage caused by your carelessness, such as a forgotten candle, does not lead to a reduction in compensation.

Household insurance

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You can compare household insurance policies and take out a policy online in just 3 steps.

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Household contents insurance benefits

Household contents insurance covers damage to your household contents, such as water damage, theft, glass breakage or fire up to the agreed sum insured. To get even more protection, you can add extra options to your household contents insurance.

The benefits of household contents insurance are as detailed below:

Household contents insurance basic cover

All moveable items in your home are covered if:

  • by fire (e.g. fire, smoke, lightning or explosion)
  • by natural hazards (e.g. flood, inundation, storm or hail)
  • by water (e.g. if liquid leaks from pipes, installations, aquariums or waterbeds)
  • Burglary (someone forcibly enters your home)
  • Robbery (someone takes possessions from you by force)
  • Theft (without the use of force)

Furniture glass

Furniture glass refers to furniture that has glass built into it, such as a glass table, wall mirror, display case glass or glass in cabinets. However, windows or the glass door of the home are not included. It is very important to know that depending on the household insurance, special exclusions apply. For example, hollow glass (e.g. vases and aquariums) is not insured. Lamps, spectacle lenses, drinking glasses, hand mirrors or light bulbs are also not financially covered by household contents insurance.

Theft from outside

Simple theft away from home is an important additional benefit of household insurance. Theft that occurs outside your home is also covered by household insurance. For example: You go swimming at the lake, put your mobile phone under your towel and then go for a swim. When you come back you realise that your mobile phone has been stolen. Important to know: Losing or misplacing your item is not theft and is not covered in this case.

Household contents insurance

In the household contents insurance there is also the option of a so-called household contents hull insurance. A comprehensive household contents insurance extends the insurance cover of the household contents insurance such as glass damage or damage to technical equipment such as televisions or computers.

Home Assistance

Home Assistance offers you comprehensive services to ensure that the damage incurred is repaired as quickly as possible or that you are as safe as possible after a claim. These include: Immediate help with plumbing, heating and wiring problems, immediate help from a locksmith, carpenter or similar, hotel accommodation, transport, storage of your furniture, removal of bee, wasp and hornet nests, and various telephone information.

The best household insurance policies in comparison

The best household contents insurances in Switzerland are listed below:

Frequently asked questions about household insurance

Frequently asked questions about household insurance are listed below:

All persons who live permanently in the same household as the policyholder are also insured under the personal liability insurance.

In most cantons, household insurance is a voluntary additional benefit. The cantons of Nidwalden, Vaud, Fribourg and Jura are exceptions. In these cantons, household contents insurance is compulsory.

You can determine your desired insurance start date yourself. The insurance start date is also shown on your policy. However, it is important that you have already paid the initial premium.