Small loan: Online and fast to the small loan Switzerland

Calculate and apply for small loan online. Easy and fast to Swiss small loan with Checkall. With flexible term.

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What is a small loan?

Small loans are below a certain loan amount and are not treated the same way by all credit institutions. There are different names for the "small loan", for example "mini loan" or "instant loan". Compared to larger loans, there are some simplifications here. These include a simplified credit check. As soon as the amount exceeds CHF 10,000, it is no longer referred to as a small loan.


How can I take out a small loan through Checkall?

In 4 steps you can calculate the small loan and create the application.

  • 1

    Information on insured persons

    Enter basic data relevant to offers

  • 2

    Results in comparison

    Compare health insurance premiums and benefits and choose the right health insurance for you.

  • 3

    Submit application online

    Enter personal details and contact information. Your identity will be verified with an SMS.

  • 4

    Current health insurance cancel.

    Once you receive confirmation of acceptance, you can cancel your health insurance with your current provider.

Your advantages when you apply for a small loan through Checkall.

When you apply for a small loan through Checkall, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Secure and fast loan processing
  • Reliable lenders
  • Flexible credit conditions
  • Simple loan comparison

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