Health insurance comparison - Premium calculator 2023

Compare health insurance premiums of the current health insurance companies in Switzerland. Our premium calculator has the official health insurance premiums from Priminfo of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) as basic data.

The Health Insurance Comparison 2023 for Switzerland is a premium calculator and helps to compare the different health insurance companies and their premiums. You can use the premium calculator to compare benefits, basic insurance models and health insurance premiums online. Our premium calculator allows you to compare basic and supplementary health insurances at the same time, and you can order the offers online or conclude them directly.

Health insurance companies have different costs and benefits and comparing health insurance companies helps you to find the cheapest and best health insurance company with optimal benefits.

The biggest advantage of comparing health insurance is the saving of monthly costs with better benefits. You can compare all health insurance companies with Checkall for every need (whether for families, adults or young people).

Health insurance comparison

Why you can find the right health insurance at Checkall

The right health insurance

With our renewed artificial intelligence, we find the cheapest, most suitable and most comprehensive health insurance quotes.

Cheap premiums

Our priority is always you. Taking your budget into account, we offer you the best price guarantee for all health insurance plans.

When should I compare health insurance companies?

In Switzerland, there are certain times and situations for comparing health insurance companies and they are as listed below:

  • When premiums increase: Health insurance companies in Switzerland adjust their premiums annually. By comparing, you can find a cheap health insurance company.
  • If you are unhappy with your current health insurance: Comparing health insurance companies makes sense if you are dissatisfied with services, customer service or health insurance premiums.
  • If you switch annually: In Switzerland, insured persons can change their health insurance company once a year. The switch date is usually on 1 January. Note that supplementary insurance plans have a cancellation period of 3 months to the end of the calendar year. It is therefore important to start comparing in good time.
  • For life changes: You should take advantage of the health insurance comparison for life changes when you get married, start a family or change address. Life changes can affect your insurance needs. By comparing health insurance plans, you will find out if your current health insurance plan is still the best option for you.
  • When new benefits are introduced: Health insurance companies in Switzerland may change their benefit packages and introduce new benefits. It is worth comparing health insurance companies when a health insurance company offers new benefits that are relevant to your needs.

How can I compare health insurance companies?

You can use Checkall's premium calculator to compare health insurance companies by health insurance premiums and benefits. Checkall's health insurance comparison offers a neutral and independent comparison of health insurance companies. With a transparent health insurance comparison, you can find the best and cheapest health insurance. You can compare health insurance companies in 4 steps with the premium calculator:

  1. Details of the insured person: Enter the relevant details for the health insurance comparison. The premium calculator will calculate the offers based on your details.
  2. Compare results: Compare the health insurance premiums and benefits. Select the right health insurance company.
  3. Order the offers or complete the application online: You can order the offers by e-mail or complete the application directly online.
  4. Cancel your current health insurance: Terminate the health insurance with your current health insurance provider after receiving the confirmation of acceptance. Our cancellation tool allows you to create a ready-made health insurance cancellation letter as a PDF.

How can I compare basic health insurance plans?

You can compare basic health insurances by comparing health insurances. The premiums of the basic insurances depend on your place of residence and age. For the comparison, choose a suitable basic insurance model, a deductible rate and the accident coverage. Include accident coverage if you are not working. The factors for comparing basic insurance are as listed below:

  • Place of residence

The place of residence is decisive for the calculation of the health insurance premium. Health insurance premiums vary depending on where you live.

  • Year of birth

The amount of the health insurance premium is determined according to your year of birth.

  • Deductible

You can choose a deductible between 300 and 2500. With a high deductible rate, you pay lower health insurance premiums.

  • Accident coverage

Accident coverage affects the amount of the monthly health insurance premium. The employer pays for accident coverage if you work more than 8 hours per week.

  • Health insurance model

There are 4 different health insurance models in Switzerland. With an alternative basic insurance model, you can save on health insurance premiums.

What are the most important factors in a health insurance comparison?

The most important factors are the benefits, health insurance premiums, basic insurance model, coverage and customer service in a health insurance comparison. These factors will help you find the best health insurance for your needs. When comparing health insurance companies, you should consider the following factors:

  • Health insurance premiums

Check the monthly health insurance premiums and deductible rate. A high deductible rate will save you money on monthly health insurance premiums.

  • Basic insurance model

All basic insurance models have the same benefits. The only difference in a basic insurance model is the choice of first doctor contact for medical complaints.

  • Benefits

The health insurance funds provide benefits throughout Switzerland. The health insurance companies pay double the tariff abroad according to your canton of residence. For the additional benefits, you take out supplementary insurance with a health insurance company.

  • Customer service

Check the customer service of the health insurance companies. A good customer service will help with your queries and make it easier to submit your claims.

How to find the cheapest health insurance?

You can find the cheapest health insurance with the premium calculator. Our premium calculator lists all health insurance companies according to health insurance premiums. With Checkall's health insurance comparison, you can compare health insurance companies and find the cheapest health insurance.

How does the health insurance comparison help with every life situation?

The health insurance comparison helps to find the right health insurance for every life situation. The costs of health insurance vary according to life situation. There are 3 main age groups for health insurance and the 3 main age groups are children, teenagers and adults. Pregnant women are allowed to register their unborn babies with the health insurance company without the health declaration. As a family, you benefit from special family rates with health insurance companies.

Health insurance for your baby (prenatal registration)

Prenatal registration is the early registration of an unborn baby. This registration means that the child is already insured with the health insurance fund from the day it is born. The health insurance companies waive the health declaration for unborn babies in the supplementary insurance.

New in Switzerland

New residents in Switzerland must take out health insurance within 3 months of their arrival. To register with a health insurance company, you need a confirmation of registration from your municipality. The health insurance comparison is useful for new residents to find the right health insurance.

Health insurance for young people and adults

Young people over the age of 18 can choose a health insurance company. Most health insurance companies have special rates for young people. The premiums for young people are lower than for adults. From the age of 25, the youth discount for adults on health insurance is no longer applicable. The new health insurance premium is valid from 1 January of the year after your 25th birthday. The health insurance benefits remain the same.

Health insurance for families

Health insurance companies offer special rates and benefits for families. Some health insurance companies offer a discount of up to 90 % for the 3rd child. With family health insurance, families can benefit from additional discounts on supplementary insurance.

Health insurance for pregnant women

Health insurance companies offer extended benefits for pregnant women during pregnancy. You should compare health insurance providers before becoming pregnant.

The best health insurance companies in comparison

With Checkall you can compare the best health insurance companies in Switzerland.

Frequently asked questions about health insurance comparison

Frequently asked questions about health insurance comparison are listed below:

You will stay up to date if you compare your health insurance every year.

All health insurance companies have the same benefits for basic insurance. In this case, the premiums should be considered and and the supplementary insurance is tailored to your needs.

There are several deductibles to choose from for the health insurance comparison. for example, deductibles of CHF 300 and CHF 2500. If you increase your deductible from CHF 300 to CHF 2,500, this adjustment will save you an average of over CHF 1,200 per year. If you expect high treatment costs, a deductible rate of CHF 300 makes sense. If you expect low medical costs, you should choose a deductible of CHF 2,500.

Do not include accident coverage in a health insurance comparison if you work at least 8 hours a week for the same employer. Furthermore, trainees are also covered by your employer when it comes to accident insurance. Accident insurance should definitely be included for children, students, housewives and househusbands as well as pensioners.