Health insurance comparison - Swiss health insurance companies 2023

Health insurance comparison shows the best health insurance companies with the current premiums for 2023 in Switzerland. Health insurance comparison is based on the monthly premiums of the basic insurance, benefits, customer service and supplementary insurance of the health insurance companies. Health insurance companies have different costs and services and comparing health insurance companies helps to find the cheapest and best health insurance company with optimal services.

The biggest advantages of comparing health insurance companies are the savings in monthly costs and the benefit of better services. Whether for families, adults or young people, you can use Checkall to compare all health insurance companies for every need.

Why should i compare health insurance?

The health insurance comparison shows you the best health insurance companies with current premiums in Switzerland. With a health insurance comparison, you will find the right health insurance for your individual needs and your budget. Here are some reasons to compare health insurance companies.

  • Costs:

    The health insurance companies have different premiums in Switzerland. You can find the best coverage for the lowest premiums by comparing health insurance companies.

  • Coverage:

    Health insurance companies have different benefits. By comparing health insurance companies, you can cover the medical services you need.

  • Different basic insurance models:

    The health insurance companies have different basic insurance models. You can find the right basic insurance model by comparing. The optimal basic insurance model offers you unrestricted access to the medical practice of your choice throughout Switzerland.

  • Quality of the health insurance companies:

    The health insurance companies have different quality of care in Switzerland. With a health insurance comparison, you will find the reputation of the health insurance companies. The comparison allows you to check the quality of care provided by the health insurance companies.

  • Changing Health Needs:

    Your health needs change over time. The current health insurance plan that worked for you in the past may no longer be the best choice for you. With a health insurance comparison, you ensure the best coverage for your health needs.

health insurance comparison

When should I compare health insurance?

Health insurance is usually compared once a year in Switzerland. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) defines the health insurance premiums in Switzerland. The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) publishes the premiums of the health insurance companies every year from October 1st.

How can you compare health insurance companies?

Checkall's health insurance comparison offers a neutral and independent comparison of health insurance companies. With a transparent comparison you will find the best and cheapest health insurance. You can compare the health insurance companies with our comparison tool in 4 steps.

  1. Information on insured persons:

    The health insurance premiums differ depending on the canton and the premium region because the healthcare costs vary from region to region.

  2. Results in comparison:

    Compare premiums and benefits and choose the right health insurance for you.

  3. Order the offer or complete the application online:

    Order the offer by e-mail or complete the application directly online. Our system verifies your identity with an SMS when you sign up.

  4. Current health insurance cancel:

    Cancel the health insurance with the previous provider after receiving the confirmation of acceptance. Our cancellation tool gives you a ready Health insurance termination letter as a PDF.

What are the most important factors to consider when comparing health insurance?

The most important factors are the benefits, premiums, basic insurance model, area of coverage and customer service when comparing health insurance companies. The factors will determine the best health insurance company for your needs. When comparing health insurance policies, consider the following factors.

  • Services:

    The most important consideration when choosing a health insurance company is the benefits. Review medical services such as doctor visits, hospital stays, medications, surgeries, rehabilitation, and therapies.

  • Rewards:

    Check monthly health insurance premiums and franchise. With a high franchise, you save on monthly Health insurance premiums.

  • Basic insurance model:

    All basic insurance models have the same benefits. The only difference with a basic insurance model is the choice of the first contact with a doctor in the event of medical problems.

  • Coverage Area:

    The health insurance companies cover the basic services throughout Switzerland. The health insurance companies abroad cover twice the tariff according to your canton of residence. For additional coverage, you can take out supplementary insurance with a health insurance company.

  • Customer Service:

    Check the customer service of the health insurance companies. Good customer service helps with your queries and makes it easier to submit your claims.

How can you compare basic insurance?

Basic insurance is compulsory for all Swiss residents. The cost of the Basic insurance depend on where you live and your year of birth. When comparing basic insurance, you select the appropriate basic insurance model and deductible. Accident cover must be included for non-employed persons.

  • Residence:

    The place where you live is also decisive for the calculation of the premium. The cost of health insurance varies depending on where you live.

  • Year of the person:

    It has 3 age groups for calculating basic insurance. The 3 age groups are children (0-18), youth (19-25) and adults (26+).

  • Franchise:

    The franchise has an impact on the amount of the monthly health insurance costs. With a high deductible, you pay lower health insurance premiums.

  • Accident coverage (accident insurance):

    The accident coverage has an impact on the amount of the monthly costs of the health insurance company. The employer assumes accident cover if you work more than 8 hours a week.

  • Basic insurance model:

    There are 4 different basic insurance models in Switzerland. With an alternative basic insurance model, you save on health insurance premiums.

How do I compare supplementary insurance?

Supplementary insurance complements the benefits of basic insurance from a health insurance company in Switzerland. There are different types of supplementary insurance that cover the costs of medical treatment, including outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment and medication. You benefit from the best and cheapest supplementary insurance with the health insurance comparison from Checkall. The premiums for a Supplementary insurance depend on factors such as age and risk. Compare different offers for the best deal.

The supplementary insurance covers the following benefits.

  1. General hospital, semi-private hospital, private hospital
  2. Medication
  3. Transportation and rescue
  4. Protection abroad/travel insurance
  5. Fitness/Health Promotion
  6. Complementary medicine
  7. Glasses and contact lenses
  8. Maternity
  9. Tooth position corrections
  10. Check-up/preventive check-ups
  11. Outpatient treatment

What are the benefits of health insurance?

The Swiss health insurance companies guarantee everyone a high standard of medical care with basic insurance. Every resident of Switzerland is entitled to basic insurance without a prior health check. Switzerland is also very well supplied with hospitals and doctors. In 2018, Switzerland ranked first for patient rights, access to care, therapy outcomes and prevention in the Health Consumer Powerhouse.

What are the advantages of a health insurance comparison?

The biggest advantage of a health insurance comparison is the savings in monthly premiums. In addition to saving on monthly premiums, you benefit from better services. Here are 5 advantages of comparing health insurance companies.

  1. Cost savings:

    With the health insurance comparison from Checkall, you can compare the health insurance companies and take them out directly online.

  2. Better benefits:

    The health insurance comparison shows the benefits of the health insurance companies. A health insurance company with better benefits will cover your needs. Health insurance companies offer, for example, special programs for weight reduction or health care.

  3. Choosing a doctor:

    If you prefer a specific health insurance company, you may also be able to choose a doctor who works with that health insurance company. This can be important for people who already prefer a particular doctor or are interested in a particular specialist.

  4. Flexibility:

    A comparison of health insurance companies can also help to find a health insurance company with more flexibility in the choice of services and providers.

  5. Transparency:

    Comparing health insurance companies can also help you have a better understanding of the different services and costs offered by each health insurance company. This allows you to make more informed decisions and better serve your health needs.

How do you find the cheapest health insurance company?

You can find the cheapest health insurance with a health insurance comparison. The health insurance comparison shows all health insurance companies in Switzerland with monthly premiums and benefits. The health insurance companies are listed according to monthly premiums. With Checkall's health insurance comparison, you can compare health insurance companies and find the cheapest health insurance companies.

Health insurance companies in comparison

How does the health insurance comparison help you to choose the right one for every life situation?

The health insurance comparison helps you to find the right health insurance for every life situation. Depending on your life situation, the costs of the health insurance vary. There are 3 main age groups for health insurance companies such as children (0-18), young people (19-25) and adults (25+). Pregnant women may register the unborn babies with the health insurance company without the health declaration. As a family, you benefit from special family tariffs with health insurance companies.

Health insurance for your baby (prenatal registration)

Prenatal registration is the early registration of an unborn child with the health insurance company. With this registration, the child is already insured with the health insurance company from the day of its birth. The health insurance companies waive the health declaration for additional insurance for unborn babies.

New in Switzerland

New residents in Switzerland must take out health insurance within 3 months of their arrival. To register with a health insurance company, confirmation of registration from the municipality is required. The health insurance comparison useful for the new residents to find the right health insurance.

Health insurance for young people (from 18)

Young people from the age of 18 can opt for a health insurance company. Most health insurance companies have special tariffs for young people. The contributions for young people are cheaper than for adults.

Health insurance for adults (from 25)

From the age of 25, the youth discount for adults does not apply to the health insurance company. The new health insurance premium is valid from January 1 of the year after your 25th birthday. Health insurance benefits remain the same.

health insurance for families

The health insurance companies offer special tariffs and services for families. Some health insurance companies offer a discount of up to 90% for the third child. Families can also benefit from additional discounts for supplementary insurance.

Health insurance for pregnant women

Health insurance companies offer extended services such as maternity or childbirth preparation courses as well as additional financial support for pregnant women and mothers. It is worth comparing health insurance companies and finding out which health insurance company suits you best.

The best health insurance companies in comparison

The best health insurance companies in Switzerland ensure excellent protection against financial risks. These health insurance companies offer their customers excellent services and conditions to protect themselves comprehensively.

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Other Checkall services

Checkall offers other services related to health insurance comparisons. Here are 3 other useful services from Checkall.

  • Change health insurance:

    All information about changing health insurance can be found here.

  • Health insurance premiums:

    Health insurance premiums are an important part of health insurance. Find out here how the health insurance premiums are created.

  • Cancel health insurance:

    After changing health insurance, you must cancel the current health insurance. Our cancellation tool helps you to create the cancellation form for the health insurance company.

FaQ: Frequently asked questions about health insurance

With an annual health insurance, you can check whether the cheapest health insurance from the previous year is still the cheapest.

All insurance companies have the same benefits in the basic insurance. In this case, insurance premiums should be considered.
And supplementary insurance is tailored to your needs.

The best insurance model depends on individual needs. It is important to understand the conditions of the chosen model. By using an alternative model, you can save a lot of money.

There are several deductibles to choose from, but only the CHF 300 and CHF 2,500 deductibles make sense. If you increase your deductible from CHF 300.- to CHF 2,500.-, this adjustment will save you an average of over CHF 1,200.- per year. If you expect high treatment costs, a deductible of CHF 300.- makes sense. If you expect low healing costs, you should choose a deductible of CHF 2500.-.

Accident coverage is provided by your employer if you work at least 8 hours per week for the same employer. Furthermore, trainees are also covered by your employer. Accident insurance should definitely be included for children, students, housewives and househusbands as well as for pensioners.