Best health insurance in Switzerland 2024

The best health insurance is characterised by high customer satisfaction and above-average low premiums. The best health insurance in 2024 include Swica, Helsana and Sanitas.

Best health insurance in Switzerland 2024
02.05.2024  |  Reading time: 2 Minute

1. Swica

Swica is known for its high level of customer satisfaction and excellent service. In 2024, premiums will remain relatively stable despite a moderate increase in the industry average. The company offers comprehensive healthcare services and is often praised for its fast and uncomplicated claims processing. You can find Swica reviews here.

2. Helsana

Helsana is recognised as one of the leading health insurers in Switzerland with a wide range of insurance products. Helsana has announced a slight increase in premiums for 2024, but this is justified by the above-average quality and availability of its services. Here you can find the Helsana reviews.

3. Sanitas

Sanitas offers one of the lowest premium increases in 2024 compared to other providers. Its innovative use of digital health services has led to increased customer satisfaction, securing it a place among the top health insurers. Here you can find the Sanitas reviews.

4. Sympany

Sympany distinguishes itself through its transparent pricing and customer-orientated service. In 2024, Sympany increased its premiums only minimally, which makes it particularly attractive for price-conscious policyholders. You can find the Sympany reviews here.

5. ÖKK

ÖKK has strong regional roots and offers insurance packages specially tailored to the needs of its members. Its premiums are stable for 2024 and customer satisfaction is particularly high, which is due to the personal support and fast service provision.

6 Concordia

Concordia is characterised by a solid performance in customer satisfaction. Premiums for 2024 have risen moderately, but Concordia is continuously investing in improving its services and the accessibility of its advice, which ensures a loyal customer base.

7. CSS

CSS, one of the largest health insurers in Switzerland, has comprehensive cover and a wide range of healthcare programmes. For 2024, they have increased their premiums, which is supported by the high quality and wide availability of their medical services. Here you can find the CSS reviews.

8. Atupri

Atupri remains a good choice for younger policyholders and families in 2024, thanks to its flexible tariff options and focus on preventive health measures. Premiums are competitive and customer satisfaction remains high.

9. Groupe Mutuel

Groupe Mutuel remains consistent in its performance and customer satisfaction. In 2024, it continues to offer a reliable service and good accessibility to its services, making it a preferred choice. Here you can find the Groupe Mutuel reviews.

10. KPT

KPT stands out for its innovative use of technology to improve the customer experience. Despite the premium increases for 2024, KPT remains popular for its progressive approach and strong customer focus.

How to find the best health insurance

The best health insurance for you is not necessarily the best health insurance for another person, because your health insurance rates depend on individual factors. To find the best health insurance for you, you can compare health insurance.

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