Cancel Legal Protection

If you want to cancel your current legal protection insurance, create the cancellation template for free with our cancellation tool. In just a few minutes you can complete the legal protection insurance cancellation letter quickly and easily. Please note to enter the correct information.

The fillable form allows you to receive a ready-made cancellation letter as a PDF. All you have to do is send the document to your insurance company by email or mail.

How does Checkall's cancellation tool work?

In two simple steps you can create and instantly download your legal expenses insurance cancellation form.

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    Fill out form

    Fill out the cancellation form.

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    Download created cancellation form.

Rechtsschutzversicherungen Kündigungsvorlagen

For which legal protection insurances can I create the notice templates?

No matter which legal protection insurance policy you want to cancel, we have the right templates for you.

Legal Protection Insurance Termination Template

If you want to cancel your legal protection insurance, only the policy number and reason for cancellation required. The template is for all Swiss Legal protection insurance suitable. However, you should consider the notice periods of your Take the police into account! This is usually three months, but there are also certain cases in which extraordinary termination is possible.

In which cases can I cancel/terminate the legal protection insurance?

When an opportunity arises, you have to seize it. Various reasons exist for terminating legal protection insurance. These are the most common ones:

Upon expiry of the insurance

If your insurance expires, you can cancel it on time or at another exchange. Most insurance policies must be canceled 3 months before they expire.

After a claim

If you have a claim, you can easily cancel the contract and switch to another insurance company. However, you should make sure that the Cancellation within 14 days after notification of the facts to the insurance company must be made - this is the case, among other things, when you receive the payment of the corresponding amount has been credited.

For premium increase

If your insurance conditions change or you want more for the same benefits If you have to pay the premium, you can cancel the insurance. The insurance must you but inform beforehand what changes will be made and for how long You have time until the notice period expires. If your insurance then don't cancel in good time, the changes are deemed to have been accepted.

Release request

If you move into a shared apartment with your partner, Often both have household insurance. With a release request, your The adviser or your adviser is trying to get the existing policy from another insurance company to dissolve.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the termination of legal protection insurance

If you miss the cancellation deadlines of the legal protection insurance, your current contract will be tacitly extended for another year.