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The most important facts about car insurance

Here you will find all the information of the car insurance at a glance.

Motor vehicle insurance

In Switzerland, you have the option of insuring your vehicle in various ways. In addition to the compulsory liability insurance, there is a partial cover and a fully comprehensive insurance.

The following car insurance models are available:

Liability Insurance (Mandatory)

<p>Third party insurance for your vehicle is compulsory throughout Switzerland.</p>

Partially comprehensive

<p>The partially comprehensive insurance covers all costs that you have not caused yourself.</p>

Liability Insurance (Mandatory)

<p>Fully comprehensive insurance is voluntary insurance against damage to your own vehicle (exclusively in the event of gross negligence).</p>

Additional products for car insurance

Additional products for car insurance

A motor vehicle insurance offers in addition to the partial and comprehensive insurance, a variety of additional benefits.

The following benefits are available to you:

Gross negligence protection

<p>All violations of the road traffic network are defined as gross negligence (SVG). This includes, for example, damage due to ignoring a red traffic light or damage due to a roll stop.</p>

Accident (passenger insurance)

<p>In the event of damage or if you need help with your vehicle, you have a contact person around the clock thanks to 24h Assistance</p>

Items carried

<p>All violations of the road traffic network are defined as gross negligence (SVG). This includes, for example, damage due to ignoring a red traffic light or damage due to a roll stop.</p>

Parking damage

<p>If parking damage is also insured, all damage to your vehicle caused by third parties will be covered by the insurance.</p>

The best car insurances in comparison

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about car insurance

It is important that you assess beforehand whether you want to have your car insured with liability insurance, partial cover insurance or fully comprehensive insurance. Fully comprehensive insurance is recommended for a new car. The higher the car, the more you can do without more coverage. However, this decision is of course up to the owner. Find out what benefits you feel are important in the event of a claim and what damages could occur. Don't forget to consider the deductible and adjust it if necessary.

Within 3 months you can report your new vehicle to the existing insurance company. Of course, it is recommended that you notify the insurance company about a change of vehicle and the adjustment of the insurance as soon as possible.

Every time you change your car, you have the right to cancel your existing policy. You also have the option to cancel your insurance policy in case of damage to your car. However, the cancellation should be submitted within two weeks after the claim amount is paid.
Likewise, you have the option to cancel your motor vehicle insurance if there is a premium increase. Again, the time frame is usually set at two weeks. It is important to know that the different time frames, depending on the insurance company, can vary. For this reason, it is highly recommended to obtain this important information early.

Benefit priorities may change depending on how old your vehicle is, how often you use it, or how often you take your car abroad.

You can get a free garage choice insurance depending on which insurance company you are with and what their quotes are.

No, A replacement car is not always covered by comprehensive insurance.

Bonus protection allows you to commit one claim per year without increasing your premium. Accident-free years are always rewarded.

Gross negligence is defined as all violations of the road traffic law (SVG). This includes, for example, damage due to disregarding a red light or in the case of damage due to a rolling stop.
More simply explained: damage that could have been prevented. There are insurance policies where gross negligence is included in the bonus protection package.

Virtually all insurance companies have a 24/7 hotline. In the event of a claim, it is important that you call your insurance company immediately. You will receive help and instructions on how to proceed.

In the event of a claim, all persons living in the same household have the same coverage. However, if you often drive other people's cars or your vehicle is often used by others, it is recommended that your vehicle is insured under the "Use of other people's vehicle" benefit in your personal liability insurance.

You are covered with the same benefits abroad as you are in Switzerland, unless otherwise noted.
Here, however, also applies that you should contact your insurance company immediately in the event of a claim. You can, depending on the insurance and their offer a Europe-wide breakdown service also insure.
You can also benefit from help directly on site: You can be picked up at the accident site, your car can be transported to a garage and you have the right to a replacement car. There is also the possibility that you can continue your journey by plane or another means of transport, so that you arrive safely at your destination.

In order for you to be allowed to obtain a license plate as a car owner, liability insurance is the least you should insure your vehicle. However, liability insurance only covers damage to third parties.