Change health insurance: How to do it online

Changing health insurance has never been so easy. Find the right health insurance company now and switch online.

How do you change health insurance?

Checkall offers various health insurance offers for changing health insurance. Compare the health insurance offers and select a health insurance company. Fill out the online form for changing health insurance. The change to the new health insurance company takes place online. Change your health insurance company in 4 steps with Checkall.

  1. Choose a new health insurance company:

    Research the different health insurance companies and choose the one that best suits your needs. Pay attention to the premium amount, the scope of services and the customer satisfaction of the health insurance company.

  2. fill out the application form:

    Fill out the application form and complete the process online.

  3. Wait for confirmation from the new health insurance company:

    The new health insurance company sends a confirmation after the new health insurance company has received the declaration of membership. Check the confirmation carefully and make sure all the information is correct.

  4. Submit notice of termination to the old health insurance company:

    Cancel your previous health insurance company in writing and make sure that the cancellation is received in good time.


How do you change basic insurance?

You can change basic insurance (KVG) in Switzerland every year. With Checkall you can compare all basic insurances in Switzerland online. Select the desired basic insurance and fill out the online form for the change. You can switch to the new basic insurance online. Change your basic insurance in 4 steps with Checkall.

  1. Find out about the different basic insurances on the market and choose a basic insurance for your needs.

  2. Fill out the application form for basic insurance and complete the process online.

  3. You will receive a new insurance policy from the new insurance company and will need to review it carefully to ensure all relevant information is correct.

  4. Cancel your current basic insurance in good time. The notice period is until November 30th.

How do you change supplementary insurance?

You can change the supplementary insurance at the end of the contract, in the event of a claim or when the premium increases. When comparing supplementary insurance, you should pay attention to the premiums and benefits. Select the supplementary insurance you want and fill out the online form for the change. You can switch to the new supplementary insurance online. Change your supplementary insurance in 5 steps with Checkall.

  1. Compare different supplementary insurances on the market and choose a supplementary insurance according to your needs. Pay attention to the premium amount, the scope of benefits and customer satisfaction of the supplementary insurance.

  2. Check the notice periods and contract duration for your current supplementary insurance. The notice periods for supplementary insurance vary from insurance company to insurance company. The notice period is usually three months to the end of the year.

  3. Fill out the application form and the health declaration for supplementary insurance and complete the process online.

  4. The new supplementary insurance will send you a confirmation of acceptance or a rejection. Check the new supplementary insurance policy for correctness and completeness when you receive confirmation of acceptance.

  5. Cancel your current supplementary insurance in good time in writing by registered mail.

What are the reasons for changing health insurance?

The main reason for switching health insurance companies is the annual increase in premiums for Swiss health insurance companies. With the increase in premiums, there are large differences in premiums between the health insurance companies for the same services. Here are 5 reasons to switch health insurance companies.

  • Switching to another health insurance company with better services makes sense if a health insurance company does not offer certain services or only offers them to a limited extent.

  • Changing health insurance is worthwhile if you can save on premiums as a result.

  • If you move to another premium region, the premiums will change. Changing health insurance makes sense if the premiums increase when you move.

  • Dissatisfaction with the services or the service of your health insurance company leads to a change of health insurance company.

  • Marriage or the birth of a child changes the family status with the health insurance company. It makes more sense to switch to a family-friendly health insurance company.

What should be considered when changing health insurance?

The change of health insurance company takes place within the framework of the notice periods. If the notice periods are missed, the health insurance company will extend the policy by one year. Here are 4 reasons to consider when changing health insurance.

  • Notice period:

    Adhere to the notice period for the current health insurance company. The cancellation letter for basic insurance should be received in writing by November 30th and for supplementary insurance by September 30th at the current health insurance company. In the case of premium increases and changes in benefits, the notice period is extended by 1 month.

  • Comparison of offers:

    When changing health insurance companies, carefully compare the offers. Services for individual needs are important here.

  • Insurance coverage:

    There must be no gaps in health insurance. Therefore, the change of health insurance should be planned in such a way that a complete takeover of the health insurance is guaranteed.

  • Additional services:

    The specific services, such as glasses, the fitness subscription or alternative healing methods should be available in the service catalog of the new health insurance company.

  • Termination of Other Contracts:

    If other insurances (e.g. additional dental insurance) were taken out via the previous health insurance company, these must also be cancelled.

When should I change health insurance?

You can change your health insurance company up until November 30 each year. You must cancel your health insurance company in writing and send a letter of cancellation to the health insurance company by November 30th.

Your current health insurance company will inform you of the premium increase by the end of October. Our health insurance comparison helps you to compare offers if you do not agree with the premium increase.

Can I change health insurance despite debt?

No, despite debts, you cannot change health insurance companies. You may only change health insurance once you have reconciled the outstanding premiums with the current health insurance company.

What are the advantages of changing health insurance?

The biggest advantage of switching health insurance companies is the savings in monthly premiums. Here are 4 advantages of switching health insurance companies.

  • Premium savings:

    Changing health insurance can save you money. It is worth comparing different health insurance companies.

  • Better performance:

    Another health insurance company may offer better services for your needs and situation. It is therefore worth comparing health insurance companies.

  • Higher quality of service:

    Another health insurance company can offer a better service with a simpler and more pleasant handling. A higher quality of service leads to easier communication and better service between health insurance companies and customers.

  • special offers:

    Some health insurance companies offer special offers or additional services for certain groups of people or situations. The special offers are beneficial for customers.

What are the obligations to accept the health insurance companies?

The health insurance companies in Switzerland are legally obliged to include you in the basic insurance. The only legal requirement for health insurance companies is to have a place of residence in Switzerland. The health insurance companies are not obliged to accept you for supplementary insurance. For supplementary insurance, you must fill out a health declaration. The health declaration can lead to a refusal from supplementary insurance if you cannot meet the health requirements of the health insurance companies.

What are the special registration deadlines for health insurance?

Compulsory basic insurance is compulsory for all residents of Switzerland. Basic insurance must be taken out within three months. Here are 3 special application deadlines for health insurance in Switzerland.

  • If born in Switzerland:

    Newly born children must be registered with the health insurance company within three months. The date of birth is the start of insurance with the health insurance

  • When moving to Switzerland:

    Emigrants to Switzerland should choose a health insurance company within three months. The date of registration with the municipality is the start of insurance for the health insurance company. Late registrations with the health insurance company result in a fine.

  • If married:

    The couples do not have to change anything with the health insurance company. However, it is an advantage if the couples choose a family-friendly health insurance company.

  • In the event of death:

    The death of a relative must be reported to the health insurance company. The death certificate is sufficient for deregistration from the health insurance company.

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FaQ: Frequently asked questions about switching health insurers

Depending on the health insurance company, different premiums are offered for the basic insurance. A health insurance can pay off well financially when switching to a cheaper health insurance company.
Since health insurance premiums can change every year, an annual comparison between health insurance companies would be highly advisable.

A health insurance is worthwhile especially when life circumstances have changed. Also, one should carry out a health insurance in case of a change of location, i.e. a move to another canton.
A regular health insurance is worthwhile because you can save a lot of money.

You can cancel or change basic and supplementary insurance policies independently of each other. However, you must observe the different notice periods.

When choosing an alternative basic insurance model, you have the opportunity to benefit from attractive premium discounts. Subsequently, you have the possibility to additionally increase the premium reduction by increasing the deductible rate.