Traffic legal protection

Traffic legal protection - legal assistance in the event of traffic accidents, withdrawal of identity cards and in connection with the purchase and leasing of vehicles.

What is the traffic law protection?

In the area of traffic, traffic legal protection offers you comprehensive protection and legal aid. It is not only very useful for car drivers, but likewise for cyclists and pedestrians. Traffic legal protection helps you in legal disputes and is always at your side when appealing against fines or driver's license revocations. Just as with legal protection insurance, traffic legal protection insurance covers the costs of legal consultations and attorney and court fees.


What is covered by traffic legal protection insurance?

The benefits of traffic legal protection insurance:

Traffic protection

Traffic criminal law covers you in the event of legal proceedings against you by criminal authorities in the field of transport.

Right to compensation

If you are entitled to damages in the area of liability, traffic legal protection insurance is available to you to the side.

Property right

After you bring your car to the garage, you get a very large bill. Since you are not willing to pay for this, the garage owner will not give you the car back.

Consumer and contract law

You buy a used car and find out that it is not accident-free. The seller wants this do not accept and you cannot agree.

The most important facts about traffic legal protection insurance

With legal protection insurance, you will not only be supported financially, but will also receive continuous legal support in your disputes. In the event of a dispute, traffic legal protection offers you protection against high legal and attorney fees. Thus, you get the help you need in choosing your lawyer or in getting personal legal advice. The traffic legal protection protects all persons living in the same household, as they are also insured in the contract. Thus, your family or roommate is also protected. The coverage of the traffic legal protection applies throughout Switzerland as well as abroad.

Sum insured

Depending on which insurance company you are with and the responsible department of your dispute, the sum insured in Switzerland is between 5,000 and 1,000,000 francs. In the Legal protection insurance covers up to 500,000 francs abroad.

Waiting period

JThe waiting period – also known as the waiting period – varies depending on the area and can be changed by a month to six or twelve months. After this waiting period has expired, you may claim performance. However, there are legal protection insurances without a waiting period. (Please refer performance when comparing)

Free choice of lawyer

Many legal expenses insurance companies provide you with an internal lawyer. At all Legal protection insurance and their lawyers are at your disposal for legal questions or disputes Disposal. Some insurance companies even give you the freedom to choose a lawyer. doing so You decide which lawyer you would like to be represented by


How to find the right traffic legal protection for you - our comparison

Before you decide on traffic legal protection, it's best to compare premiums and benefits at Checkall. Thanks to the premium calculator, you can easily compare traffic legal protection insurances in Switzerland.

The best traffic legal protection insurances in comparison

The best traffic legal protection insurance companies in Switzerland provide excellent protection against financial risks. These insurance companies offer excellent services and conditions that allow customers to protect themselves comprehensively.

FaQ: Frequently asked questions about legal protection insurance

All persons living with you in the same household are also insured under the contract.

Before contacting a lawyer, it is recommended that they first contact your insurance company. If you contact your lawyer first, he or she will at best ask you whether legal protection insurance exists and whether you would like to make use of this.

There are some insurance companies that allow you to choose your own lawyer. In this case, you may decide for yourself which lawyer you want to be represented by. However, there are also many legal protection insurance companies that will provide you with an in-house lawyer. If you have any legal questions or disputes, their attorneys are available to assist you.

Legal proceedings which took place before or during the conclusion of legal protection insurance are not insured and will not be paid by the legal protection insurance.
Only legal disputes after the commencement of insurance will be covered by your insurance.Other costs not paid by legal protection insurance:
. If the amount in dispute is lower than the minimum amount specified in the contract, the insurance company will not pay the costs.
Also, disputes between family members who are insured with you in the same policy will not be covered by the legal protection insurance.
Malicious activities, active participation in a brawl or if you were under the influence of alcohol while driving are not covered by legal protection insurance.