Inflation Calculator

You can use the Swiss inflation calculator to calculate the inflation rate and the loss of purchasing power.

Inflation Calculator

What is an inflation calculator?

An inflation calculator is an online tool that calculates the change in the purchasing power of your money over a certain period of time. Inflation calculators use inflation data to show how much a certain amount of money was worth in the past or how much it will be worth in the future. The inflation calculator allows you to better understand how prices and the value of money change due to inflation.

How does an inflation calculator work?

An inflation calculator works by calculating the impact of inflation on the value of a sum of money over a certain period of time. You enter the following information in our inflation calculator:

  1. Price: The amount of money whose value you want to calculate.
  2. Annual inflation in %: The average annual inflation rate.
  3. period: The period in years over which inflation is to be calculated.

The inflation calculator uses this data to calculate the inflation rate:

  • Value after inflation: The future value of the amount of money taking into account the annual inflation rate.
  • Change in purchasing power in %: The percentage difference in the purchasing power of the amount of money over the specified period.