Family health insurance

Discover the best protection for your family with family health insurance in Switzerland. Find out all about benefits, advantages and how to find the best health insurance for your family.

Family health insurance
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What is family health insurance?

A family health insurance fund is a form of health insurance in Switzerland that is specially tailored to the needs of families. A family health insurance fund offers comprehensive cover for all family members under a single contract, minimising the administrative burden and often offering financial benefits compared to individual insurance policies.

Advantages of family health insurance

In addition to the standard benefits of basic insurance, family health insurance plans offer additional benefits such as group rates, which can lead to significant savings. Additional benefits for children, such as extended dental treatment or orthopaedic measures, are also often part of the package.

Registering and managing your family health insurance

Once you have found the right family health insurance fund, the next step is the enrolment process.

Registering process

The process usually involves completing an application form and submitting the required documents, such as family members' ID cards and previous proof of insurance.

Managing your family health insurance

Efficient administration means keeping up to date with changes to the benefits catalogue, submitting claims on time and keeping personal details up to date.

What benefits are included in a family health insurance fund?

The benefits of a family health insurance fund in Switzerland generally include the health insurance benefits prescribed by the Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG) as well as possible additional insurance benefits that go beyond the compulsory basic insurance. Here is an overview of the typical benefits:

Basic insurance (compulsory)

Basic insurance covers the necessary medical treatment in the event of illness, accident (unless otherwise insured) and maternity. The standard benefits include:

  • Outpatient treatment by recognised doctors, therapists and in hospitals.
  • Inpatient hospital treatment in the general ward in the canton of residence.
  • Prescribed medication on the special list of authorised pharmaceuticals.
  • Certain preventive measures, such as vaccinations.
  • Contributions to rehabilitation measures.
  • Maternity benefits, including check-ups, childbirth and postnatal care.

Supplementary insurance (voluntary)

Supplementary insurance offers extended benefits and more comfort, but is voluntary and involves additional costs. The benefits offered vary depending on the insurer, but may include:

  • Additional outpatient benefits, such as alternative medicine or extended dental treatment.
  • Additional cover for inpatient treatment, e.g. in a private or semi-private ward of a hospital, free choice of doctor in hospital.
  • Daily allowance insurance for hospitalisation.
  • International insurance for emergency treatment abroad.
  • Special supplementary child insurance that covers services such as orthodontics (braces) or speech therapy.

Family discounts

  • Many health insurers offer discounts for families if several family members are insured with the same insurer. This can significantly reduce premium costs.
  • When taking out family health insurance, it is important to carefully examine both the basic insurance benefits covered and the optional supplementary benefits and to adapt these to your family's needs. Choosing the right supplementary insurance can make a significant difference to the level of medical care and financial protection your family receives.

How can I find and compare the best family health insurance for my family?

Finding the best family health insurance for your family in Switzerland requires careful consideration and comparison of the various options to find a policy that suits your needs and budget. Here are steps to help you do this:

1. Analyse needs

  • Healthcare needs: Consider what healthcare services are important to your family. Take into account regular treatments, possible future needs (e.g. orthodontics for children) and treatment preferences (e.g. alternative medicine).
  • Budget: Determine how much you are prepared to spend on health insurance, taking into account basic insurance and any supplementary insurance.

2. Gather information

  • Basic insurance: All health insurance companies in Switzerland offer the same basic insurance, but premiums can vary depending on the insurance company and canton.
  • Supplementary insurance: Find out about the supplementary insurances on offer and what special benefits they include.

3. Use the health insurance comparison

  • Use the health insurance comparison to easily compare premiums and benefits of different health insurers. Checkall health insurance comparison offers comprehensive tools for evaluating insurance offers.

4. Obtain quotes

  • Request individual quotes from several health insurance companies to compare premiums and benefits in detail. Pay attention not only to the price, but also to the scope of insurance benefits and customer service.

5. Check experience reports and ratings

  • Read reviews and testimonials from other policyholders to gain an insight into customer satisfaction and the service provided by health insurance companies.

6. Consider discounts and family models

  • Some health insurance companies offer special rates or discounts for families. Enquire about such offers, which can reduce the premium costs for your family.

7. Take advantage of personal counselling

  • Take advantage of personalised advice from health insurance companies or independent insurance advisors to clarify your specific questions and find the right insurance solution for your family.

8. Regular review

  • Your family's needs and the health insurance products on offer can change. You should therefore check regularly, at least once a year, whether your current health insurance is still the best choice

Are there special additional benefits for children in family health insurance?

Yes, many family health insurance companies in Switzerland offer special supplementary benefits for children that go beyond the compulsory basic insurance. These additional benefits are part of the voluntary supplementary insurance and aim to increase the protection and well-being of children.

How can I cancel or change my family health insurance?

Cancelling or changing your family health insurance in Switzerland follows certain rules and deadlines that must be observed to ensure a smooth transition. Here are the main steps and tips:

1. Bbserve notice periods:

  • For a switch on 31 December of the year, notice of cancellation of your current basic insurance must be received by your health insurance company by 30 November at the latest.
  • If you wish to change health insurance on 30 June, this is only possible with health insurers that allow a half-yearly change and the notice of cancellation must be submitted by 31 March at the latest.

2. Written cancellation:

3. Take out new health insurance in good time:

  • Take out your new health insurance before you cancel your old health insurance to ensure that you and your family are covered without interruption.

Are there differences in family health insurance premiums in different cantons in Switzerland?

Yes, there are significant differences in family health insurance premiums in different cantons in Switzerland. The premium regions of the health insurance companies have an influence on the level of premiums. These differences are due to several factors:

1. Regional cost differences

The costs of medical services and healthcare infrastructure vary from canton to canton. These regional cost differences are reflected in the health insurance premiums, as the health insurance companies have to cover the costs of the services provided.

2. Demographic factors

The age structure and general health of the population in a canton can also influence premiums. Cantons with an older population or higher disease rates may have higher average healthcare costs, leading to higher premiums.

3. Density of care

The density and availability of medical facilities and specialists in an area can influence premiums. Premiums can rise in areas with a high density of care and correspondingly higher costs for medical services.

4 Competition between health insurers

The number of health insurance companies operating in a particular canton or region and the degree of competition can also have an influence on the level of premiums. More competition can lead to more favourable premiums.

5. Cantonal premium reductions

The cantons also offer various forms of support in the form of premium reductions for people and families on lower incomes. The extent and availability of this support can vary from canton to canton and thus influence the actual costs for insured persons.

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