Change and cancel insurance

Cancelling and changing insurance helps you save money. You can even set up the change of your insurance so that you can continue with the new insurance without a gap in coverage. We show you exactly how to cancel and change your insurance. And what to look out for when changing and notice periods so that you can start with the new insurance without any problems.

Change and cancel insurance
07.05.2024  |  Reading time: 2 Minute

How can I cancel and change the insurance?

You can cancel and change insurance in 4 steps and the 4 steps are as listed below:

  1. Check cancellation periods: Check the cancellation periods of your insurance company when cancellation is possible.
  2. Create cancellation letter: Create a cancellation letter and submit it to your existing insurance company.
  3. Find new insurance: Compare insurance companies and find a suitable insurance company.
  4. Change to the new insurance: Take out the new insurance and wait for the confirmation of acceptance.

When can I cancel and change insurance?

As a rule, you must submit your notice of termination in writing to the existing insurance company at least 3 months before the contract expires. But there are exceptions where you can cancel and change insurance. The exceptions are as listed below:

After a claim

You can cancel your insurance and change to another insurance company if you have a claim on your vehicle. However, you should make sure that the cancellation must be made within 14 days after the insurance company has been notified of the facts - this is the case, among others, when you have been credited with the payment of the corresponding amount.

After a premium increase

You can cancel your insurance and change to another insurance if your existing insurance changes the terms and conditions or the premiums. Your insurance company must inform you in advance of what changes will be made and how long you have until the notice period expires. The changes are deemed to be accepted if you do not cancel your insurance in time.

In the event of a change of vehicle or change of owner

You can cancel your insurance and change to another insurance if you change your vehicle or change of owner. If you subsequently buy a new vehicle, you will need to find new insurance.


Frequently asked questions about cancelling your insurance and changing insurers

The frequently asked questions about cancelling and switching insurance are as listed below:

Your current insurance will be renewed for one year if you cancel your existing insurance too late.

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