Ambulance costs: What does the health insurance cover?

In Switzerland, the ambulance costs for the health insurance company depend on various factors, such as the distance, the type of transport and the medical services provided during the journey.

In general, health insurance companies will cover the cost of an ambulance if the transport is medically necessary. As a rule, 50% of the costs are covered by basic insurance, while patients have to pay the remaining 50% themselves. The actual costs vary depending on the canton and individual tariffs. The supplementary insurances offer additional coverage, which reduces or completely covers the patient's own contribution.

Ambulance costs
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How are ambulance costs calculated for health insurance?

Ambulance travel costs are usually calculated based on the distance traveled and the medical care needed. The exact fees for ambulance trips vary from canton to canton.

Who pays the ambulance fees in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, patients are usually responsible for paying outpatient fees. The health insurance covers part of the costs if the trip is medically necessary.

Do ambulances have to be paid for in Switzerland?

Yes, ambulance trips in Switzerland must be paid for. The cost of ambulance trips varies depending on distance, medical care needed and canton.

Do the health insurance companies cover the ambulance costs?

Compulsory basic insurance in Switzerland usually covers 50% to 500 francs of the costs for medically necessary ambulance trips per year. The remaining costs must be borne by the patient.

How much does an ambulance ride in Switzerland cost?

An ambulance ride costs between CHF 600 and CHF 3000 in Switzerland, depending on the kilometres travelled. The cost of the ambulance ride is calculated according to distance, medical care required and canton.

Does the supplementary insurance cover the ambulance costs?

Supplementary insurance can cover the remaining ambulance costs that are not covered by basic insurance. The exact conditions and the extent of the assumption of costs differ depending on the selected supplementary insurance.

Is there a limit on ambulance costs in health insurance?

Compulsory basic insurance has an annual limit on the cost of ambulance trips. Supplemental insurance may have its own limitations and conditions.

Does health insurance cover the cost of an ambulance to a distant hospital or medical center?

The health insurance usually covers the costs of the ambulance if the journey is medically necessary and the nearest suitable hospital or medical center is driven to. Travel to more distant facilities may be covered by insurance if there is a medical reason to do so, for example, when special treatment or care is required that is only available at a more distant facility.

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