Asisa membership

Asisa supports you with up to 50% towards your healthcare costs such as:
Up to CHF 400.- for nutritional counseling, group fitness and fitness center
Up to CHF 350.- for acupuncture, phytotherapy and autogenic training
Up to CHF 300.- to glasses, corrected sunglasses and contact lenses
Up to CHF 300. to dental hygiene, check-ups and dental treatments
You can find more support lines in our offer in detail.

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Asisa membership

The association asisa

On June 6, 1966, the asisa association was founded with headquarters in Dübendorf with the purpose of supporting its members in financial need. From then on, asisa makes support services available to its members for the benefit of the association's members. Great importance is attached to the purpose of self-help and the non-profit concept has been practiced ever since. asisa does not operate an insurance business and therefore does not bear any insurance risk.

Prezisa - a service of asisa

Benefit from support services in addition to your existing health insurance, even if your insurance company refuses to pay. Prezisa contributes up to 50% of your costs - as a voluntary support benefit for:

  • Fit and healthy: fitness subscription, all types of group fitness, nutritional counseling, sports clubs.
  • Clear vision: glasses, corrected sunglasses and contact lenses
  • Teeth: dental hygiene, dental treatments
  • Natural medicine: alternative remedies and treatments
  • Medications: Various prescription medications that are not part of the compulsory health insurance benefits (KVG), excluding lifestyle medications.
  • Prevention: Preventive treatments and remedies
  • Vaccinations: Vaccinations not recognized by the health insurance fund

For exact and important details please refer to the enclosed sheet "Offers in detail".


With Prezisa you become a member of asisa at the same time

All persons can become members of asisa. As an association we do not know any rejection rules. We do not require a health declaration from you, nor do we know any age restrictions. Everyone can benefit from our services without having to make a long-term commitment. This makes us unique in Switzerland.

Prezisa - this is how our service works

Send us your billing receipts. We will transfer your Prezisa support payment to you.

  • Benefit statements or denials from your health insurance company
  • Invoices for visual aids
  • Invoices for health care costs
  • Invoices for dental expenses
  • Invoices for other services included in the Prezisa offer


FAQ - Help and frequently asked questions about Asisa

Anyone can become a member of asisa and thus benefit from Prezisa. There are no health prerequisites or age limits.

Prezisa can be combined with any health insurance solution. So you can't go wrong.

Even with the best supplementary insurance, there are residual amounts that you have to pay yourself. In this case we support the cost difference between the invoice amount and the health insurance benefit, in each case up to the maximum per service and within the scope of our offer in detail. In case of admission during the year, billing is pro rata temporis. Reimbursements are made as voluntary support services, without legal entitlement.

In case of rejection or lack of coverage by your health insurance, IV or AHV insurance, Prezisa will support you with up to 50% up to the respective maximum per support benefit within the scope of our offer in detail. In the case of an entry during the year, the settlement is made pro rata temporis. Reimbursements are made as voluntary support benefits, without legal claim.

No, the statutory notice period is 3 months to the end of a calendar year, i.e. as of December 31.