Hospital insurance: Compare and save

With hospital insurance, you have better protection in hospital. Hospital insurance offers more benefits and comfort for inpatient treatment. Find out now about the different supplementary hospital insurance plans and calculate their premiums.

Hospital insurance

Hospital insurance

Hospital insurance is additional cover to basic insurance for inpatient treatment in hospital. 

Hospital insurance in comparison

There are 4 different hospital insurances and they are listed as below:

  • General hospital insurance: General hospital insurance extends benefits only in the general ward throughout Switzerland.
  • Flex hospital insurance: With Flex hospital insurance, you can choose the hospital ward yourself before each inpatient treatment.
  • Semi-private hospital insurance: With semi-private hospital insurance, you can freely choose the hospital and the doctor in Switzerland.
  • Private hospital insurance: Private hospital insurance offers the highest level of comfort and services in hospital. This is why private hospital insurance is also the most expensive of all hospital insurances.

Benefits of hospital insurance

The benefits of hospital insurance are as listed below:

  • Choice of hospital: Depending on the hospital insurance, you are free to choose your hospital.
  • Free choice of doctor in hospital: Hospital insurance allows you to freely choose your doctor before inpatient treatment. Free choice of doctor in hospital only applies with Semi-private, Private and Flex hospital insurance.
  • Room selection: Room selection offers you more comfort in hospital. 
  • Additional benefits: Hospitalisation insurance offers additional benefits such as home help and convalescent cures.

Advantages of hospital insurance

The 4 benefits of hospital insurance are listed below:

  • More privacy.
  • Free choice of hospital and doctor.
  • Shorter waiting times for operations.
  • Better treatment methods.