Health insurance premium calculator

The health insurance premium calculator determines the health insurance premiums for 2024 in Switzerland. Calculate basic insurance premiums online.

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Premium calculator health insurance

How does the premium calculator work?

The health insurance premium calculator is an application used in Switzerland to calculate the current health insurance premiums for compulsory basic insurance (KVG) and supplementary insurance (VVG). Here is how a premium calculator works in Switzerland:

  1. Entering personal information: The user first enters personal information that is relevant for calculating the health insurance premium. This often includes factors such as date of birth, gender, place of residence (canton), desired insurance model (standard model, Telmed model, HMO model, etc.) and the amount of the desired annual deductible.
  2. Calculation of premiums: The premium calculator uses the data entered to calculate the expected premium for compulsory health insurance in Switzerland. This premium is normally paid monthly. The calculation is based on tariffs set by various health insurance companies and the respective cantons.
  3. Selection of supplementary insurance policies: The premium calculator also offers the option of selecting additional private health insurance policies (supplementary insurance) and adding their costs. These supplementary insurances can include things like dental insurance, supplementary hospitalisation insurance or cover for alternative medicine.
  4. Display of results: The premium calculator shows the user the estimated monthly premium for compulsory health insurance and the cost of any selected supplementary insurance. This enables the user to understand the total cost of their health insurance.
  5. Comparing options: Users have the opportunity to compare different insurance options by trying out different models, deductibles and add-ons to find the option that best suits their needs and budget.
  6. Taking out health insurance: In Switzerland, health insurance is compulsory and most citizens must take out a health insurance policy. After using the premium calculator, users can take out a policy directly with a health insurance company of their choice.

Is the use of a premium calculator free of charge?

Yes, the premium calculator is free to use. Most insurance companies and health insurers offer premium calculators as free online tools on their websites to enable potential policyholders or insured persons to calculate the expected premiums for various insurance policies. The use of these premium calculators is non-binding and does not oblige you to take out an insurance policy or purchase a product.

Can I use the premium calculator to check my existing health insurance?

Yes, you can use the premium calculator to check your current health insurance and see if there are cheaper or more suitable alternatives. It's always a good idea to check health insurance companies regularly to make sure you're getting the best cover at a fair price.

Which cantons does the premium calculator cover?

The premium calculator covers all 26 cantons in Switzerland. Each canton has specific premium structures and legal requirements that are taken into account in the calculation. Here are the cantons that are typically covered by the premium calculator:

Which health insurance companies are included in the premium calculator?

A premium calculator for health insurance companies in Switzerland usually includes a large number of health insurance companies operating on the market. These health insurance companies offer different tariffs and benefits, and the premium calculator helps to compare these offers. Some of the well-known health insurance companies that are typically included in a premium calculator are:

  1. CSS
  2. Helsana
  3. Sanitas
  4. Swica
  5. Concordia
  6. KPT
  7. Visana
  8. Sympany
  9. Groupe Mutuel
  10. Assura
  11. ÖKK
  12. Agrisano
  13. EGK
  14. Aquilana