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Swica Reviews
Reviews 4.3
Total 33
Dec 10, 2023

Super friendly, great advice and you get help quickly. Simply great service.

Dec 9, 2023

Super friendly, great advice and you get help quickly. Simply great service.

Dec 8, 2023

Super friendly, great advice and you get help quickly. Simply great service.

Nov 25, 2023

I was hospitalised for the first time because of an illness. The care I received from Swica (Mrs Campinar) was excellent. All my questions were answered competently.

Nov 9, 2023

Super fast, super service, great platform - keep it up!

Oct 13, 2023

My enquiry was dealt with very quickly and easily! Customer service is very friendly and customer-orientated!

Oct 8, 2023

This health insurance company has been with me (under various names😊) for decades. Through serious illnesses, normal operations, 3 births, flu etc... etc💋😊😁 We never had any discussions or disputes. Thanks for that SWICA🍀💋❣️

Oct 3, 2023

Much too expensive. Almost 800 for me and my daughter. I accepted a good offer for basic insurance and supplementary insurance from a competitor. Only then did I realise that I could only cancel part of the supplementary insurance with SWICA at the end of next year. Unfortunately, the new policy didn't arrive until the beginning of October, so I had no chance of cancelling it before the deadline. Well done SWICA. Now I'll be paying for nothing next year!

Oct 1, 2023

Many years of customer satisfaction.

Sep 19, 2023

I feel that I am in very good hands with SWICA. Good advice and good service. Top for me.

Sep 14, 2023

Very friendly conversation!

Sep 8, 2023

I am extremely positively surprised by the unbureaucratic flexibility. In some areas, their hands are tied by law, but they make every effort to "keep up with the times".

Aug 24, 2023

Very competent and friendly

Aug 23, 2023

Swica is one of the insurance companies that have made prevention a strategic priority. Bravo. Many Swica policyholders benefit from this, I experience it every day...

Jul 29, 2023

In my opinion, despite immeasurably increasing premiums, money is still being wasted on nonsensical competitions!

Jul 28, 2023

If you have any questions or concerns, you get a quality answer within a few minutes.

Jul 9, 2023

I am actually satisfied with Swica. I think I've been a customer there for over 15 years. This is the 2nd time I've been "pushed" onto their Benevita programme. This approach to obtain customer information is very offensive. Especially as I have already said in writing that I don't want this. Well, new year, new attempt... Then they also put pressure on me with the email "1st reminder: ...." ==> See picture. Please refrain from this in future.

Jul 7, 2023

Nice, competent and fast contact with a high solution-orientation.

May 23, 2023

Very courteous support, competent telephone support exactly what you need when help is needed, THANK YOU!

May 20, 2023

It's cheeky how quickly reminders arrive (without prior invoice) - not recommended!

May 14, 2023

Super advisor. The best health insurance you can have.

May 9, 2023

Very good and comprehensive care in connection with my hospitalisation and follow-up treatment

May 6, 2023

Unfortunately it was quite hot without air conditioning on the upper floor, but the treatment and nursing staff were top👏

Apr 17, 2023

I am very satisfied I can't pay my bills because I live on the egsztenz minimum and have assistance nevertheless you don't let me down I am grateful from the bottom of my heart and ashamed I would also like to apologise to you here and thank you very much

Apr 1, 2023

Excellent support before, during and after my hospitalisation. I can recommend Swica with a clear conscience.

Information about Swica

Swica is a Swiss health insurance company with headquarters in Winterthur. Swica Health Insurance is active throughout Switzerland and offers health and daily allowance insurance for illness and accident for private customers and companies. Swica has various insurance models such as telemedicine, GP, HMO and pharmacy models.

Customer satisfaction with Swica

Swica achieved an overall rating of "good" (4.2) in the Checkall Customer Satisfaction Survey 2024. Of the more than 5,400 Swiss participants, Swica's information, communication and transparency as well as the convenience of contacts were each rated as "good" (4.3). Swica's services achieved a rating of "good" (4.1), while the price-performance ratio was rated as average with a score of 4.

Compare Swica

The comparison of Swica requires the evaluation of premiums, insurance cover and customer service. The best way to compare Swica is to use the health insurance comparison.

How can I switch to Swica?

You should cancel your current health insurance to switch to Swica. You can find detailed information here on how to cancel your current health insurance company and switch to Swica.

What franchise does Swica offer?

Swica offers franchises between 300 and 2500. Before you change your deductible with Swica, you can find out more about the deductible here.

What health insurance models does Swica offer?

Swica offers the following health insurance models:

How much does Swica cost?

Swica costs from CHF 202.20 in Switzerland. The monthly cost of Swica in your canton is easy to find out using the premium calculator.

What supplementary insurance does Swica offer?

Supplementary outpatient insurance, hospital insurance and dental insurance are the supplementary insurances from Swica. The comparison of Swica supplementary insurances is possible via Supplementary Insurance Comparison.