Canton of Glarus: Health insurances & premiums in comparison

There are a total of 30 health insurances in the canton of Glarus. These 30 health insurances offer different models of basic insurance. Although all health insurances in Glarus are required by law to provide benefits, the monthly premiums can vary greatly. This depends on various factors such as the health insurance company chosen, the model of basic insurance, the deductible rate chosen, the premium region and the age of the insured person in the canton of Glarus.

These differences are also clearly visible in the health insurance premiums for 2024 in Glarus. The cheapest monthly premium in the canton of Glarus is currently CHF 237.45, while the most expensive is CHF 559.15. If you take a few important points into account when choosing your health insurance, you can make considerable savings in Glarus. In fact, it is possible to save up to CHF 3’860.40 in the canton of Glarus.

Please note that the premiums indicated for 2024 are based on current information and may change during the course of the year. It is advisable to regularly check the current premiums and conditions of the health insurances.

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The cheapest health insurances in the canton of Glarus

In 2024, health insurance premiums in the canton of Glarus rose by 8.8% compared to 2023. Atupri, CSS and Concordia are the cheapest health insurances in the canton of Glarus. According to the FOPH, the rising premiums are the result of the growing costs in the healthcare sector, which are due to the increasing average age and medical and technological progress.

The 10 cheapest health insurances in the canton of Glarus are listed below:

Health insurance Model Premiums in CHF
Atupri SmartCare 237.45
CSS HMO 248.75
Concordia HMO 249.65
Atupri Telfirst 249.95
Groupe Mutuel PrimaFlex 250.25
Aquilana Smartmed 251.75
CSS HMO 253.15
Agrisano Agrismart 256.65
Swica Favorit Medpharm 259.85
Sanitas Netmed 267.95

*For adults aged 26 and over with deductible rate 2500 (without accident cover) in the canton of Glarus

Compare and change health insurance companies in Glarus

Health insurance premiums in the canton of Glarus vary considerably depending on the health insurance company. The health insurance comparison helps to find the cheapest health insurance in the canton of Glarus. It is important to note that the benefits of basic health insurance are set by law and remain identical regardless of the health insurance company. Savings on premiums are made by changing health insurances.

Basic insurance savings models in Glarus

The models of basic insurance can also influence the amount of health insurance premiums in Glarus. As a rule, insured persons pay more if they opt for a model with free choice of doctor, such as the standard model. However, if you are willing to commit to a specific contact person or a consultation hotline, you can save money in Glarus through models such as family doctor, HMO or Telmed models.

Changing the deductible rate in Glarus

Adult policyholders in Glarus can choose from a total of 6 deductibles, ranging from 300 francs to 2,500 francs. The choice of deductible rate has a direct influence on the amount of the health insurance premium. As a rule of thumb, if you choose a higher deductible rate, the monthly premium will be lower. Therefore, it may be worthwhile for people with lower health costs to choose a higher deductible rate. This way, you can save up to CHF 1,000 over the course of the year.

Health insurance premiums by canton

The health insurance premiums by canton and premium region are listed below: