General hospital insurance in Switzerland

General hospital insurance covers the costs of inpatient treatment in the general ward of hospitals throughout Switzerland. The supplementary hospital insurance "general ward all of Switzerland" is a supplement to the compulsory health insurance. This supplement covers the costs of medical examinations, procedures, medication, diagnostics and care during hospitalisation outside your canton of residence.

General hospital insurance

What is supplementary hospital insurance general?

The supplementary hospital insurance general is a supplementary insurance and supplements the benefits of the basic insurance for inpatient treatment. General supplementary hospital insurance offers patients additional insurance cover in a cantonal hospital.

How is general hospital insurance calculated?

The premiums for general hospital insurance are calculated according to age, place of residence and gender. Premiums are set by health insurance companies. General hospital insurance is the cheapest supplementary hospital insurance. General hospital insurance costs from CHF 2 per month.

How much does general hospital insurance cost?

General hospital insurance costs from 2.40 francs a month. The monthly costs of general hospital insurance can vary depending on age, place of residence and gender. This makes hospital insurance the cheapest supplementary hospital insurance in Switzerland. You can calculate and compare the premiums for general hospital insurance with our health insurance comparison.

Benefits of general hospital insurance

General hospital insurance covers treatment costs outside your canton of residence in the general hospital ward. The benefits of the General Hospital Insurance are listed below:

  • Hospitalisation in the general hospital ward: General hospital insurance covers costs throughout Switzerland for hospitalisation.
  • Medical treatments: Hospital Insurance General covers the costs of necessary medical treatments and procedures. Treatments include operations, examinations, X-rays or laboratory tests.
  • Special treatments: General hospital insurance covers the costs of special treatments that are not covered by the compulsory basic insurance.
  • Multi-bed rooms: General hospital insurance only offers multi-bed rooms and no choice of room.

Who should take out general hospital insurance?

Hospital insurance is recommended for people who want additional cover in the event of a hospital stay. In particular, people who live or work on the cantonal border should take out general hospital insurance. If you have basic insurance in Zurich, Bern or Basel, you will hardly have to change cantons, because most treatments are available in these cantons.

What should I bear in mind when taking out general hospital insurance?

When you take out a general hospital insurance policy, you must fill out a health declaration. The health declaration can lead to a rejection if you cannot meet the health requirements of the health insurance companies.

What is the difference between general hospital insurance and basic insurance?

The basic insurance covers the costs for a stay in the general ward completely in the canton of residence. The Hospital Insurance General, on the other hand, is an additional voluntary insurance and offers additional benefits and cost coverage to extend your protection. Spital Allgemein is an extension to the basic insurance.

Comparison of the best health insurance companies for general hospital insurance

List of health insurance companies that offer Spital Allgemeine Abteilung ganze Schweiz: