Private hospital insurance

Private hospital insurance offers the highest benefits for inpatient hospitalisation in Switzerland. The private hospital insurance covers the entire costs in a private ward of the hospital. The premiums for private hospital insurance are calculated according to age, gender and place of residence. Compare the best private hospital insurance in Switzerland now.

Private hospital insurance

Private hospital insurance

Private hospital insurance is a supplementary health insurance that provides you with the best possible benefits and high-quality comfort for inpatient treatment. With private hospital insurance, you are free to choose the doctor and the hospital.

Benefits of private hospital insurance

The benefits of private hospital insurance are listed below:

  • Hospitalisation in the private ward: The costs of the private ward are covered by the health insurance company throughout Switzerland.
  • Free choice of doctor: You are free to choose the doctor for the operations. The operations and treatments are carried out by a senior doctor or head doctor.
  • Single room: Private hospital insurance offers you a single room in hospital, whereas basic insurance only offers multi-bed rooms.
  • Medical second opinion: With private hospital insurance, you have the right to a second medical opinion from renowned professors during operations.
  • Faster access during operations: You will get faster appointments for examinations and operations in the private hospital ward.
  • Additional benefits: Home help, spa and rest cures, travel expenses.
  • Special treatments: With private hospital insurance, special treatments and operations are also covered.
  • Higher coverage limits: Private hospital insurance offers higher coverage limits for medical services than basic insurance.

Waiting period for private hospital insurance

As a rule, there is no waiting period for entitlement to benefits under private hospital insurance. Only for maternity women is there a 12-month waiting period if they do not have equivalent private hospital insurance beforehand. During this waiting period, you must continue to pay your regular premiums.

Private hospital insurance in comparison

The best health insurance companies that offer semi-private hospital insurance are listed below:

Frequently asked questions about private hospital insurance

The Private Hospitalisation Insurance is automatically extended by 1 year at the end of the contract. You do not have to do anything when renewing the contract.