Semi-private hospital insurance

Semi-private hospital insurance is a supplement to basic insurance for inpatient treatment. Semi-private policyholders receive a two-bed room during an inpatient hospital stay and are free to choose the hospital and the doctor. With Semi-private Hospitalisation Insurance, you benefit from additional services in the semi-private ward during a hospital stay.

Semi-private hospital insurance

How is the semi-private hospital insurance calculated?

Semi-private hospital insurance is calculated according to your place of residence, gender and age. The premiums for semi-private hospital insurance are different for each health insurance company. A 30-year-old pays less than a 40-year-old because the risk increases with age.

Compare semi-private hospital insurance

You can compare semi-private hospital insurance with our comparison tool. When comparing hospital insurance semi-private, you should take the following steps:

  1. Determine needs: Determine your needs before comparing hospital insurance semi-private. Make sure that the semi-private hospital insurance covers the necessary benefits.
  2. Compare premiums: Compare the premiums of the different health insurance companies. When comparing, pay attention to the deductible and the coverage limits.
  3. Check additional benefits: Semi-private hospital insurance often offers additional benefits such as faster appointments, higher coverage limits and better care.

Benefits of semi-private hospital insurance

The benefits of Semi-Private Hospitalisation Insurance are as listed below:

  • Hospitalisation throughout Switzerland: all costs are covered in the semi-private ward throughout Switzerland by the Semi-private hospital insurance.
  • Medical second opinion: You can get a second medical opinion from renowned professors during operations with hospital insurance semi-private.
  • Faster access: you get shorter waiting times for examinations and operations with a semi-private hospital insurance.
  • Free choice of doctor: You are free to choose your own doctor for treatments. Treatments are carried out by a senior physician or head physician.
  • Two-bed room: Semi-private hospital insurance offers you a two-bed room in hospital, whereas basic insurance only covers the general ward.
  • Additional benefits: Household help, spa and convalescent cures, travel expenses.
  • Special treatments: In a semi-private hospital insurance policy, special treatments and operations are also covered.
  • Higher coverage limits: Semi-private hospital insurance offers higher coverage limits for medical services than basic insurance.

For whom is semi-private hospital insurance useful?

Semi-private hospital insurance makes sense for people who want additional medical benefits and more comfort when staying in hospital.

How long does it take for the semi-private hospital insurance to come into effect?

Semi-private hospital insurance takes effect from the start of the insurance. The waiting period for semi-private hospital insurance is 12 months for maternity, if you do not have equivalent insurance beforehand.

What are the restrictions and exclusions of semi-private hospital insurance?

With semi-private hospital insurance, there are exclusions due to pre-existing conditions in the semi-private ward. Health insurers may refuse or provide limited cover to people with certain pre-existing conditions.

What happens if I exceed my coverage limit with my semi-private hospital insurance?

With semi-private hospital insurance in Switzerland, you do not have a coverage limit. Some insurances have the coverage limit abroad in the semi-private section. If the coverage limit is exceeded, patients must pay the remaining costs themselves.

How much does semi-private hospital insurance cost?

Semi-private hospital insurance costs between CHF 30-200 per month. However, the cost of monthly premiums is lower for children. Premiums are calculated according to canton of residence, age and gender. With our modern health insurance comparison, you can calculate the current premiums for semi-private hospital insurance.

The best semi-private hospital insurance in Switzerland

The best semi-private hospital insurances in Switzerland provide excellent protection against financial risks. These semi-private hospital insurance plans offer excellent benefits and conditions that allow customers to get the best protection.

Frequently asked questions about semi-private hospital insurance

Frequently asked questions about semi-private hospital insurance are listed below:

The waiting period is the period of time at the start of the insurance contract during which you cannot yet claim any insurance benefits. This period varies depending on the type of benefit. In the case of maternity, the waiting period is 365 days, so you can only claim in the first year after the end of the first insurance year. During this period, your stays in hospitals are covered exclusively by the basic insurance, e.g. in the case of childbirth. The costs for the stay, care and treatment in a multi-bed room are reimbursed according to the tariff of your canton of residence.

You can take out supplementary insurance with semi-private hospital if you live in Switzerland.

In general, you have the freedom to go to a hospital of your choice in Switzerland. However, there are certain clinics and hospitals that are not recognised by the health insurance companies. This may result in additional costs for which you may have to pay yourself.